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I’ve met people from the Northern Hemisphere who have told me they can’t imagine Christmas in summer. They’re used to the mistletoe, the cold weather, the short days. In New Zealand, we’ve just passed the summer solstice when we hurtle straight into Christmas, so the days are long, the nights short, and the sun is high in that blue, blue sky. Sure, we still have Santa, dressed in his totally inappropriate red suit with the white fur trim (pass the man some water, stat!), we still have all the decorations and traditions, but with a summer twist that makes them different – and to me, all the more special.

Christmas for me is spent with family. This year it’s in Hawke’s Bay, where I live, and it will undoubtedly be hot hot hot. No roast turkey with all the trimmings. No way. We’re much more about throwing things on the BBQ, about easy salads, and yummy chocolates, kept cool in the fridge.

Pavlova, that delicious meringue and cream desert, piled high with fresh fruit, is a major feature in our Christmas. Each year, someone will make one, and it’ll be devoured, zero chance of any leftovers. Last Christmas it was my turn, so my sister and I went about making it on Christmas Eve. And it was a work of art. When making a “pav” you run the gauntlet between a masterpiece and sunken disaster, the top collapsing in on itself at the last minute. Not last year. Last year’s was perfection.

The cream whipped and the berries prepared, ready to fulfil their role as the pavlova’s crowning glory, I went out to the laundry where I’d stored it, keeping it cool in the day’s heat. And there it was, sitting on my grandmother’s pretty plate, our new kitten’s front paws placed delicately on the side as he licked the top of our creation, purring his wee head off.

And look at me in this picture! I was so proud.

Gutted? You could say that. But, as we had all the berries and cream and a table-full of people wanting their Christmas desert, I made the call to whip up a batch of crêpes, which we filled with the cream and berries.

It was tasty, but I’ve noticed I haven’t been put in charge of the pavolova this year . . . .


And here he is, the kitten culprit.

It was hard to stay mad at him for long—because look at him!—and all was well in the end.




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  1. Well this Christmas we are trying as a family to set a new tradition. We will be journeying to a small town called Carmel by the Sea. It is a lovely place in California. I laughed and laughed at your kittens antics – which I’m sure wasn’t funny at the time. Pavlova sounds amazing. On Christmas Eve, we try to bake a Birthday cake for Jesus. I usually make a chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting.
    Merry Christmas

  2. The “pav” looks delicious….And naughty, naughty, cute little kitty 🙂 – thanks for sharing!

  3. I doubt I’d have been so phlegmatic about the ruined pav, but hey, I can’t argue with crepes! Merry Christmas!

  4. Looks like your kitty has a sweet tooth.

    I’m entertaining family on Christmas Eve and then going to my parents for Christmas Day.

  5. That pavlova looks amazing! I have never had it, but I am certainly going to look for a recipe and try it very soon. I think having a warm Christmas would be really great. Merry Christmas!

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