Never Fall for Your Fake Fiancé (especially not on Valentine’s Day)

One thing I’ve learned this Valentine’s day is that fake fiancés should remain just that: fake.

Pretending to be engaged to James Brody, the hot, single London Deputy Mayor who regularly graces gossip columns, is just a business deal. Nothing more. I’m his appropriately demure fiancée that makes him look like he’s not the playboy the media thinks he is, and he’s my ticket to getting my pushy mum off my back about not being married and producing her two perfect grandchildren.

What’s more, while we’re pretending to be engaged, I can spend all my time trying to capture the real prince in my fairy tale. The guy I’ve been in love with forever.

The problem is, I’ve started to enjoy being with James on our fake dates and public appearances. And, if I’m being totally honest, with his tall, dark, and handsome looks, he’s pretty easy on the eye, too.

And then there’s that kiss we shared that took my breath away. Yeah, that.

Sure, I know it was for the cameras. I know I shouldn’t read anything into it. I know he’s kissed more girls than I’ve had trips on the Tube. But the heat in that kiss can’t be fake.

The problem is, I want the fairy tale, the Hallmark movie, the real thing. And I know James Brody isn’t the real thing.

Nope. This is a business deal.

Only the deeper I get the more I realise someone forgot to tell my heart that.



Never Fall for Your Fake Fiancé is a laugh-out-loud and romantic enemies-to-lovers story set in London on Valentine’s… Check out the trailer below.



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Praise for Never Fall for Your Fake Fiancé:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ “Kate O’Keeffe unfolds this romance in a manner that kept me guessing. I cared little for Matt and agreed with Stanley, an elderly co-worker, who tells Lottie that her crush just uses her. It is apparent from the beginning that Lottie lacks experience in dating. I thought it was amusing how her roommates came up with nicknames for Lottie’s “men”. James Brody was the epitome of a classy businessman, and I wished Lottie would wake up. He goes all out in showing his romantic interest, but she seems stuck on Matt. I found the entire story to have engaging dialogue and vivid details of the surroundings. The ambiance and grandeur of the places James takes her are easy to envision. The end of the tale didn’t turn out the way I expected. Romance novel readers who like unpredictable plots with palpable tension and engaging characters will enjoy Never Fall For Your Fake Fiancé.” – Readers’ Favorite

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★ “Filled with laugh-out-loud moments and sizzling heat between the two main characters, this book had me from the first page to the last.” – USA Today bestselling author, Delancey Stewart


Readers LOVE Never Fall for Your Fake Fiancé:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ “A DEFINITE MUST read!” – Bookbub reviewer

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