Love Manor Rom Com Box Set


This box set includes all 3 titles featuring Emma Brady and Sebastian Huntington-Ross in the Love Manor Romantic Comedy series. One story picks up where the previous story leaves off, so you can binge read all three of them together in one convenient box set!










What’s a reality TV dating show and Mr. Darcy got in common? Me, that’s what.

Picture this: I’m a contestant on a reality dating show. Me, chasing love? Oh, I’ve got much grander plans than that. My activewear line needs some serious spotlight, and apparently, this show is the ticket. But let’s get real, is being paired with a Mr. Darcy knockoff really the price I have to pay?

That would be a deeply regretful yes.

Now, let’s talk about Sebastian Huntington-Ross, the wannabe Mr. Darcy. This guy is straight out of a Jane Austen novel, like they plucked him from the pages and plopped him right on set. Dark features, chiseled jawline, shoulders that could block out the sun, and an English accent that could melt glaciers. But guess what? Beyond those looks, he’s got an ego the size of a hot air balloon, arrogance that could win awards, and a smugness that could power a small city.

I know, shocker.

You won’t believe what I’ve uncovered though – it turns out the aristocratic Sebastian has his own secret agenda for being on this train wreck of a dating show, and it’s got nothing to do with those cheesy one-liners about love he delivers.

Of course this means sparks begin to fly between us as our attraction blossoms into a whole lot more.

But here’s the dilemma: do I maintain my fortress of skepticism and keep Lord Fancy-Pants at arm’s length? Or do open my heart fully and embrace the crazy as both reality and “reality show” begin to blur?



I fell in love with Mr. Darcy on a reality TV show. Cue the happily ever after.

Can you believe it? Me, Emma Brady, the girl who managed to turn reality TV humiliation into a real-life fairy tale, has fallen head over heels for my own Mr. Darcy while the entire nation watched. Yep, I’m the living proof that even the most unlikely of matches can light up the screen. And guess what? Hold onto your tiaras because now my Mr. Darcy has gone and proposed, complete with a promise of happily ever after in his posh English manor.

Cue the confetti cannons and unicorns, right?

Not so fast. Life isn’t that straightforward.

It turns out I unwittingly crashed the party on several fronts: The TV audience had bets on someone else becoming Sebastian’s happily-ever-after, and I’m not exactly winning their hearts. Not only that, Sebastian’s granny, the family matriarch, thinks I’m an unwelcome interloper, my very existence as his fiancée apparently risking his oh-so-important aristocratic legacy. Oh, and let’s not forget Sebastian’s ex, Lady Jilly McSnootington (okay, not her real name, but you get the picture), who practically majored in making sure I know I’m not worthy.

It’s a lot.

With enough hurdles to keep an Olympian jumping, will our fairy tale script flip into a total rom com disaster, or can we navigate through the drama and chaos to reach our happily-ever-after?

I know which version I want, but is loving the man behind the Austen hero enough?




Love, marriage…and a family. It’s the same old story. If only it could be ours.

Well, here’s a reality check for you: life’s remixing that old song that goes “first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage”. You know the one. Me and my real life Mr. Darcy are happily grooving to that tune—right up until things take a sharp left turn.

It seems for us, creating a mini Darcy is like baking a soufflé without a recipe—a very tricky business, and so far our attempts are fizzling out faster than a New Year’s resolution.

So, I declare war. It’s what any A-type American woman would do.

Now, I’m armed with mood swings that could rival a seesaw and more needles (and ovulation kits) than you’d find in a haystack. Oh, and let’s not forget Sebastian’s granny’s disapproving stare that could melt icebergs. That’s always super welcome.

But I’m not going to give up fighting for our tiny family dream. Not even when all the odds seem stacked against us and my A-type personality drive shrivels into a directionless slug.

But when it turns out that I’m the one to blame for all our failures, how can I ever feel that I’m enough for my Mr. Darcy?



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