Faking It With the Guy Next Door

He’s hot. He’s charming. He’s new in town. And he’s trying to destroy me.

As if Hunter’s Creek wasn’t already serving up enough drama, in walks Oliver Langdon, the shining star of the coffee conglomerate, Steamy Coffee. He’s giving my Aunt Sheila’s Second Chance Café a run for its apple pies, but guess who’s now steering the ship? That’d be me, Marlowe Cole, returned to my hometown and ready for battle.

Sure, Oliver’s got that whole tall, dark, and seriously-stop-being-so-handsome vibe going on. But let’s not get carried away here. Chiseled jawlines aren’t my kryptonite. Although I’ll admit to a seriously hot flirtation between us, and perhaps I may have had a teensy desire for more? But that was before I knew who he was, and now that I do, there’s no way Mr. Corporate Coffee is brewing romance in my life.

Or at least that was the plan. The problem is, sometimes you can let things like someone trying to destroy your aunt’s business cloud your judgment. And then you get to know the real person behind the corporate clout and things… change. Sparks fly. Feelings are shared. Perhaps there’s even a life-changing kiss.

Which puts me in a frothy mess when half the town rallies behind me, trying to push Steamy Coffee out.

Talk about awkward.

The two of us are now caught in a showdown spicier than Oliver’s overpriced triple shot lattes and here I am, putting on an Oscar-worthy performance, pretending that I’m totally immune to his charms.

I’m faking that I’m on Team Get Lost. But between us? I’m secretly waving the flag for Stay With Me Forever.


Faking It With The Guy Next Door is an enemies-to-lovers/ more romance set in the small town of Hunter’s Creek, Washington. It’s the thirs book in the Second Chance Café series. Each book follows a different sister’s love story, and can be read as a standalone novel or as part of a series.


Out on October 10th!


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