The Rebound Play

If you get a second chance at love with your hockey star ex, should you take it?


What do you do when your NHL superstar ex skates back into your small town? Drop to the ground and hide behind the bleachers, praying he doesn’t see you. That was the plan, anyway. But Lady Luck must be having an off day because Dan spots me, my hood over my eyes, pretending I’m not there.

Mature? No.

Necessary? Absolutely.

Humiliation washes over me, and the wall around my heart stands firm. Dan might be back, but I can’t afford to let him in again. Not after the heartbreak of losing him once before.

When he offers to coach my nephew, I reluctantly agree. Every smile he flashes at me, every kind word, threatens to crack my resolve. But I can’t go through that again. I have to protect my heart.


I want Keira back. End of story.


The Rebound Play is part of the Love on Thin Ice sweet small town hockey romcom series. It’s a second chance at love, jock/ nerd, opposites attract, small town romance with all the sizzle and chemistry, but none of the spice.

Releases September 26th, 2024


Check out all the titles in the Love on Thin Ice series. Seven sweet hockey romcoms by seven authors. The books can be read as standalone stories or in order as part of the series.


Love on Thin Ice is about an all star charity hockey team in the small town of Maple Falls Washington who is set on not only winning games (for a kids’ charity) but also winning the heart of the girls they love.

Seven bingeable stories. One quaint small town you’re going to fall in love with!

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