About Me

I am a bestselling author of fun, feel-good romantic comedies with a touch of heat. I’m lucky enough to live and love in beautiful New Zealand with my family, two scruffy dogs, and a cat who thinks he’s a scruffy dog too. He’s not: he’s a cat.

To date, I’ve written the Amazon bestselling series, the Cozy Cottage Café series, the popular chick lit stories, the Wellywood Romantic Comedy series, and a standalone novella.

Right now, I’m working on a standalone novel with another author, which I’m really excited about! Watch this space for an announcement about who my co-author is and what we’ve been writing. I hope you’re going to love it as much as we have writing it.

I will be writing Book 4 in the Cozy Cottage Café series, Four Last First Dates in early 2018. It’s Bailey’s story, and I’ve had a lot of requests to write it! I’m  really looking forward to it, and will update you on my progress.