Wellywood Romantic Comedy Series Boxed Set

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Four laugh-out loud chick lit stories about life, love and other disasters all set in ‘Wellywood’, New Zealand’s answer to Hollywood.

The Wellywood Romantic Comedy Series Boxed Set includes all three full-length novels in the series: Styling Wellywood, Miss Perfect Meets Her Match, and Falling for Grace, as well as the fun short story prequel to the series, Wedding Bubbles.

One story picks up where the previous story leaves off, so you can binge read all of them together in one boxed set!

Book 0: Wedding Bubbles
All the best maid of honor speeches involve funny stories and heartfelt feelings about the bride, and Jessica Banks’s speech is no exception. Shame she drank almost her body weight in champagne before standing up to give it, however…

But maybe Jessica will meet her Mr Right at this wedding? After all, being a bridesmaid almost guarantees you’ll meet men. Right? What could possibly go wrong?




Book 1: Styling Wellywood
Jessica Banks does not want to be back in her New Zealand hometown one little bit. Goodbye exciting London, hello old-fashioned boredom. And she’s got a lot to deal with. There’s her overbearing mother, her new fashion career, not to mention the sudden disappearance of her best friend. Thank goodness for Ben, her reliable, cute friend who always has a broad shoulder to cry on—at least when his gorgeous girlfriend isn’t around.

Then sexy tennis pro, Scott bursts into her life, serving up a hot and steamy love match. But off the court Scott is running a different racket—one that might just open Jessica’s eyes and heart.

With everything she ever wanted and feared in front of her, will Jessica finally find her way home?


Book 2: Miss Perfect Meets Her Match
Feisty, controlled, and ready to take on the world in stilettos and a power suit, Brooke Mortimer has no idea what’s about to hit her…

More than a little work-obsessed, Brooke is determined to catapult her New Zealand business to the next level by wooing corporate America with her professional savvy and sass. But when America’s checkbook comes waltzing in attached to the sexy, rugged, and tanned Logan McManus, Brooke is wary of relinquishing control to a man—any man—especially to one who sets her on fire. She’s been there, done that, and only managed to get burned in the end. No way, not this time. What Brooke doesn’t know is a bumpy-ride with a foreigner might be exactly what she needs, even if it is a ride she’s reluctant to take.

Can Brooke finally relinquish control and trust her heart to make a few decisions of its own?

Book 3: Falling for Grace
If you’re going to fall off a catwalk and into someone’s arms, you could do a lot worse than choosing handsome Sam Montgomery’s, star of the hottest sci fi show on TV. So, when Grace Mortimer does just that, her life is turned upside down. Sam is gorgeous, funny, and too sexy for words. But he’s got a girlfriend, America’s newest sweetheart, the very beautiful TV star Vanessa Hudson. With his Hollywood lifestyle he’s got to be a no-fly zone, that’s for sure. So why does he insist on being Grace’s knight in shining armor? And why can’t she stop her legs turning to jelly every time he’s around?

Just as her new career is about to take off, a disastrous TV appearance sends her spinning–right back into Sam’s arms again, the one place she shouldn’t be.

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“This box set had four great stories each with familiar and likeable characters. If I was asked which one I preferred I would have to say all of them. Highly recommend this read.” – Top 100 Amazon reviewer




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