Manhattan Cinderella

Release date March 19, 2019!

She’s a poor little rich girl, working like a slave for her hideous stepmother’s band. He’s a Tennessee-native, come to Manhattan for one reason only—and that reason does not involve a girl. 

Gabriella Davis is no Cinderella. Got it? Sure, she lives in the attic of her former family home, neither of her parents are around, and she works day and night for her stepmother and hideous stepsisters. But she’s a New Yorker, she’s going to make a success of her burgeoning singing career all by herself, thank you very much. She has to, her little sister is relying on her.

Tennessee-native Cole Grant has come to New York for the first time ever for the chance of a lifetime; to meet the infamous pop icon Rex Randal. This opportunity means everything to him, for more than just his music career, and nothing’s going to stand in his way, not even a cute and sassy girl like Gabby.

When Gabby and Cole literally crash into one another in the hallway of the record label recording studio, spilling green smoothie all over the place, their attraction may be instant, but neither one is in the market for love.

Can two people hell-bent on their goals wake up to one another?

Manhattan Cinderella is a fun and sexy contemporary romance retelling of the Cinderella story for fans of Lauren Layne.

This book is a little sexier than my other “chick lit” titles, such as the Cozy Cottage Café series, but with my same light-hearted, feel-good tone. Dive on in!

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