One Way Ticket

Would you switch lives with someone you just met? Sabrina Monroe and Addison Bloom are about to do just that.

One Last First Date

Cassie Dunhill and her friends make a pact to marry the next guy they each date.

Two Last First Dates

To Paige Miller Two Last First Dates sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.

Three Last First Dates

When it comes to men, Marissa Jones is totally committed to not being committed.

Four Last First Dates

Bailey's story is coming in 2018! Watch this space for more information.

Wedding Bubbles

Tipsy, humiliated, desperate. Jessica’s wedding problems have only just begun.

Styling Wellywood

Forced to return home, Jessica Banks's past is about to bite her on the butt.

Miss Perfect Meets Her Match

Control freak Brooke knows what she wants - and it's not a man.

Falling For Grace

Falling for a celebrity was the last thing Grace ever thought she would do.