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I'm Kate O'Keeffe and I write fun, romantic chick lit and rom com stories. Many of my books are set in beautiful New Zealand, and they all have feel-good, happy endings - the type that make you get the warm fuzzies inside we all adore.

So, dive on in! I hope you find something here to enjoy.

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Kate xx

The next book in the Amazon bestselling Cozy Cottage Café series is OUT NOW!

What do you do when you’ve agreed to a pact with your friends to get married, but neither you nor the guy in your sights is quite ready to fall in love?

Bailey De Luca is the last of her friends to complete the Last First Date pact—to marry the next guy she dates. But lady luck must be in a bad mood, because so far, it's all come to nothing.

Everywhere she looks people are in love. Everyone except her. Is she fundamentally unlovable? Or is it that she’s already found—and lost—The One? Whatever the reason, one thing's for sure: Bailey never expected to be alone at thirty.

When one of her friends announces her engagement with a rock that could eclipse the sun, Bailey throws herself into a new business. Starting up Cozy Cottage Catering seems like the perfect way to bury her head in the sand. But fate has other ideas, and soon Bailey is swept off her feet by the oh-so cute Ryan Jones.

Ryan may seem like the perfect combination of Prince Charming meets Thor (without the hammer), but is Bailey ready to be with him?

Or will the ghost of her past love prevent her from finding happiness again?

Would you switch lives with someone you just met?

Sabrina Monroe is poised and ready for her future as Mrs. Todd Edward Blakely. Everything seems perfect, but on the big day, suddenly she’s not so sure. Her nicely mapped out life ahead of her, she finds herself in her own movie scene as the runaway bride, climbing out of the bathroom window. All she can think is escape.

Addison Bloom needs a life makeover. She’s travelled the world to find love–and failed. On her way back from yet another friend’s wedding, she’s starts to feel ill at the mere thought of seeing another veil that’s not hers. Should she go back home and marry her former sweetheart, or stick it out looking for love?

Sabrina and Addison are both on the run, wanting to escape to a new life. As the two strangers talk at an airport, discovering they both have the same job, a crazy idea unfolds–one which might provide the answers they’ve both been looking for.

Is there such a thing as a One Way Ticket to a new life, or will they find they’re running from themselves, not just the past?

One Last First Date

Cassie Dunhill and her friends make a pact to marry the next guy they each date.

Two Last First Dates

To Paige Miller Two Last First Dates sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.

Three Last First Dates

When it comes to men, Marissa Jones is totally committed to not being committed.

Four Last First Dates

Bailey De Luca may have agreed to a pact to marry the next guy she dates, is she ready for love?

Wedding Bubbles

Tipsy and desperate. Jessica’s problems have just begun.

Styling Wellywood

Forced to return home, Jessica's past is about to bite her on the butt.

Miss Perfect Meets Her Match

Control freak Brooke knows what she wants - and it's not a man.

Falling For Grace

Falling for a celebrity was the last thing Grace ever thought she would do.

Full Series Boxed Set

All the Wellywood girls in one complete boxed set!

One Way Ticket

Would you switch lives with someone you just met? Sabrina Monroe and Addison Bloom are about to do just that.

I'm Scheming of a White Christmas

Will Tilly Grayson get revenge on the guy who humiliated her in high school?